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DIVE 3: Zero to One > 1 to N

Posted on July 2019

This Eramsus plus project includes partners from 12 countries North Macedonia – Youth Alliance Krusevo, Romania – EuroDEMOS, Greece - Association of Active Youth of Florina, Peru–Social Work Lab, Costa Rica – ACI - Costa Rica, South Africa – Belle & Co, Portugal - Intercultural Association for All, Italy - Demostene Study centre for promotion of Human development, Slovenia - N.K.L., Poland - Association of the European Centre for Youth Initiatives (ECIM), Bulgaria - International council for cultural centres, Nicaragua - Association Club of Young environmentalists. Main aim of the project is to empower youth to counteract youth unemployment by building capacity in creating new kind of jobs and promoting the entrepreneurial and innovative mind.

In july, the implementation of activities will aim at raising awareness of the project at local and national level will following activities:

·         5 live streaming debates: The live streaming debates will be on different topics covering the main topic of social entrepreneurship and youth unemployment as inspiration for the young people and their future employment. The debates will be online and public enabling the broader audience to interact with the key speakers.

·         3 workshops implemented by participants: By involving local entrepreneurs, these activities will act as mini partnership building activities with the local social entrepreneurs. These workshops will take place in Skopje and Prilep in North Macedonia.

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