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Dance for your health, live your heart passion

Posted on July 2019

Dance for your health, live your heart passion

Dance for your health, live your heart passion is a project of Erasmus+ Program of the European Commission, which addresses the importance of education for health. The project includes partners coming from the following countries: Kasta Morrely Star - Romania, Youth Alliance Krushevo - North Macedonia, Development Youth & Sports Association – Turkey. The objective of the project is to increase the participation in sport activities, by regarding dance as an effective solution for preventing health problems, and raising sport performance.

In June, second of the three specialty sport circuits took place in Skopje, North Macedonia in 07-09.06.2019.

Each sessions supported by Corina Laptes from Kasta Morrely Star – Romania and Aysenur Kuzu from Development Youth & Sports Association – Turkey and the team from Tancov Club Sonrisa in North Macedonia.

In July, Health and Safety Training for Dance Athletes
will take place in Skopje, North Macedonia. We will organize 5 informative sessions for 15 dance athlete from dance clubs from different communities. The informative sessions will include specialty information on nutrition for athletes for performance and for leisure, how to cure body injuries, health care conditions, norm of safety and security in sport, prevention of hazards and accidents. During the sessions young people interested in dance will be invited to participated and enjoy us. 

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