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Posted on July 2019

The main aim of the EVS project called Entrepreneurship, Volunteering & Opportunities is to develop skills and competencies of two EVS volunteers in the field of social entrepreneurship, with the objective of building or improving their employability by involving them in a new environment in which they can discover the possibilities offered by the social entrepreneurship. The project will be implemented from May 2019 to May 2020.

YAK as hosting organization has a remarkable and extensive experience in the field of entrepreneurship, which can be used to address the issue of youth unemployment by transferring this knowledge to the EVS volunteers and encourage them to adopt the SE as a wide new perspective and instrument for dealing with the issue of unemployment on their national level.

The project will include 2 volunteers from Turkey, which is a high youth unemployment rate, so that they will feel personally connected with the issue. Moreover, the volunteers will have the possibility to influence both the sending and hosting communities with their work, learning how to support inclusive and active communities for the young people. The EVS volunteers will develop their entrepreneurial skills, capacities and knowledge about youth work and the Erasmus+ program opportunities and they will find an opportunity to work in a multicultural and enriching experience.

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