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Roundtable and Workshop "DIVE 3: Zero to one > 1 to N"  

Posted on December 2019

Roundtable - "DIVE 3: Zero to one > 1 to N" 

The roundtable took place in Skopje on 15th November. The purpose was to bridge the gap between the youth and the social entrepreneurship identified during the conference. 

The stakeholders continued to go deeper in the topic of the"DIVE 3: Zero to one > 1 to N" conference for youth and society. 

Recommendations on how to have a stronger eco-system and action plans of the participants were shared.


Workshop - "DIVE 3: Zero to one > 1 to N"

YAK organized a workshop on the"DIVE 3: Zero to one > 1 to N" in cooperation with UACS in Skopje on 19th of November.

The young people proposed innovative business plan for future development and gained information on what a social enterprise is, and were especially enlightened around various eco-system.

Short glimpse on the business ideas presented by youth: Renting shop for electric scooters; Agency for promotion of educational options for young people in North Macedonia; Producing company for pets gadgets based on recycling.



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