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Training Course ‘Learn to Deliver a High-Quality Digital Experience to Young People’

Posted on December 2022

From December 14th to 19th, in Krushevo, North Macedonia, the training "Learn to Deliver a High-Quality Digital Experience to Young People" took place and it involved four partner organizations representing three different countries: Greece, Serbia, Czech Republic , as well as North Macedonia.


As an Erasmus organization accredited by the National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility of the Republic of North Macedonia, we implemented this training.

In order to increase the capacities of our community (employees, youth workers, trainers, young people involved in the activities of the organization, volunteers) essential for the realization of quality activities in the key areas:

• Photography

• Recording

• Live streaming

• Podcast recording

• Digital promotion

• Spatial organization

• Video preparation

As a result these are some of the best moments from the Training Course: 


One of the activates had an outcome with the recreation of popular scenes from significant movies from history, can you figure out which one is the original and which one is the recreation? 


   Nikоla vs. Jed Towers from                    Era has all the colors from          Bile in the movie                 „Dazed and Confused“ in front of 

       Don't bother to knock                           "My Summer of Love"              „The happening“                  the timeless peace of Petar Mazev


The scene from „You only live twice“       Lesson no.1, follow the lines of the                 Capture emotion                          „A Room with a View“

was found in Krushevo                             surroundings for a good frame


                Guess the original                                One replica worth 1000 words                 Lesson no.2: Select the best 

                                                                                                                                                            editing program 

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