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Be a voice, not an echo! Youth Alliance - Krusevo
   What we do

Our vision

Active involvement of young people in all spheres of social life and their influence in the decision making process at local, national and regional levels.

Our mission 

Youth organization that encourages dynamic society with active engagement and participation of young people, encourages youth support of SEE region of in EU integration, promotes modern European values, and supports new ways of expressing the views of young people.

Priority axes 

  • Active inclusion of young people in the decision-making processes;
  • Encouraging and support of young people to fully participate in the society;
  • Encouraging youth support of Republic of North Macedonia and the region in the EU integration processes;
  • Increasing youth contribution  in the economic development of their communities;
  • Supporting new ways of expressing attitudes of young people.

Our values

Inclusion, democracy, equal opportunity, openness, solidarity, tolerance, understanding, mutual support, cooperation.

Our slogan

Be a voice, not an echo!

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