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“Youth Friendly Communities: Loading”
is a capacity building project financed by the Council of Europe, European Youth Foundation. The key aim of the project is develop ment of competencies of the directly involved participants to effectively evaluate youth policies, services in their communities, to promote empowerment, participation, active involvement of young people and support for the creation of youth friendly communities. The project will be implemented in period of 7 months, including partners coming from following countries: North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Romania and Italy.  

The idea of the project came from the applicant organization, Youth Alliance - Krusevo that was inspired by the project ‘100% Youth City” implemented in cooperation of European youth organizations. YAK found the project inspiring especially since the reflection and evaluation of youth policies and services is missing in the Republic of North Macedonia. The YAK team started to work on the project idea and consult it with the partners coming from the Republic of North Macedonia and from abroad. Throughout the consultations, the idea was shaped into international training course for youth workers, leaders and educators.

The main added value of doing this activity at an international level is the opportunity of sharing experiences and practices across the countries. Also, the consortium believes that in today’s Europe is vital to support cooperation among countries, aiming towards exchanging good practices. It is essential an step necessary to improve the practices and policies on European level and to undertake steps leading to improvement of the living and working conditions for all European young people regardless of the national borders.

The project envisages the following activities:

1. Preparatory activities
2. Implementation period ( e-learning phase and a training course in Krusevo);
3. Dissemination phase

 You can find more information about the results of the international youth exchange “Youth Friendly Community: Loading”  here.    




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