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General Info

Outcast Europe
is a project aiming to improve conditions for intercultural dialogue and civic participation. In a period of 18-months, it will involve 1200 citizens from 6 countries (Greece, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Serbia) with distinct roles and policy agendas throughout the ongoing migration crisis.

InterAlia, the leading organization of this project, together with Youth Alliance -Krusevo and other partners coming from the above mentioned countries are in the process of implementation on national and European level.

Outcast Europe will: 

a. foster reflection on Europe’s values and historical experience;

 b. cultivate empathy and understanding towards “outsiders”; 

c. stimulate active engagement in the process of migrants’ integration. 

In specific, it will:
- Examine the causes, processes and psychological impact of migration;
- Highlight experiences of host communities with migration and raise awareness of younger generations about them;
- Facilitate a structured debate between citizens, migrants, policy-makers & other stakeholders on potentials for socioeconomic progress resulting from the inflow of migrants and on ways to promote and channel it through collective action;
- Enable contact between host and migrant communities.

For more information, please check the official website of the project.

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