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Youth Banks Network Macedonia (YBNM)
is an open network supporting youth employment using the youth banks model. This model brings a range of benefits to young people involved, particularly their skills, confidence, personal growth, and development. As decision-makers, young people also develop an employ-ability edge by learning to budget, work in a team and assess projects according to guidelines and requirements they have set out, fund raise effectively and communicate their messages through various media platforms. 

Though youth banks model, youth get more involved into their local communities, they build connections with relevant stakeholders and get empowered on action. The YBNM is a project aiming to strengthen the youth on national level,  leading organization of the project is MlADIINFO International, together with Youth Alliance - Krusevo and other partners from Bitola, Prilep, Struga and the Mozaik Foundation from Bosnia and Herzegovina that have been implementing this model for 10 years now.

Youth Banks have been implemented in 20 countries from Europe and the world.

You can learn more about the model and see the map provided by Youth Banks International here: http://www.youthbankinternational.org/ 

Youth Banks Network Macedonia project is supported by the USAID’s Civic Engagement Project and will last two years.

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