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   Step against youth unemployment

General Info

The project "Step against youth unemployment" is aiming to address the issue of youth unemployment by developing the competencies of  EVS volunteer and both organizations (hosting and sending) especially in the fields of social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. The hosting organization - YAK has tremendous experiences in the field of social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship and it is highly motivated to transfer its knowledge and to continue to develop its capacities in the area. 

Sending organization is strongly interested to increase competencies in entrepreneurship field and provide young people from its community an opportunity for personal and professional growth through EVS.

The main goal of the project is  to develop employability and entrepreneurial competencies of the future EVS volunteer that he/she can apply in the future in job seeking process and or in the process of creating own social enterprise or enterprise!

The partner organizations within this project are:

Association of Active Youths of Florina and Euro Demos Youth Mobility NGO.

How to become a partner?

Organizations interested to become EVS partners in the YAK’s projects should send an e-mail at contact@youthalliance.org.mk

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