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Youth Alliance Krusevo in partnership with Youth Educational Forum and Center for Balkan Cooperation Loja is 
implementing the project “Youth Expression Project” financed by European Union. Within the framework the European Youth Project supported by the European Union, organized a workshop on building trust and mediation for Youth wings from Political parties.

Organizers will create interactive videos to stimulate the young people to express their opinions and perspective more freely, to promote self-esteem and confidence to expose themselves on many kinds of topics and fields.

The videos will feature young people talking freely, that will stimulate exchange and conversation among the youth on many topics of their interest.

Currently, the partners of Youth Expression Project are in the process of creating videos.

Youth Expression Project: Workshop


The workshop is part of the project Youth Expression Project, funded by the European Union, led by Youth Educational Forum in cooperation with Youth Alliance – Krusevo and LOJA as partners. From 27th till 29th of September, a workshop was held on Popova Shapka for building trust and mediation for High School Students.

Participants from 7 different cities had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with methods of nonviolent communication, teamwork, building of trust, and decision making by working in groups.




Youth Expression Project: Confidence Building and Mediation Workshop for students

The Confidence Building and Mediation Workshop for students was held from 26th to 28th of October in Ohrid, involving 40 university students from Macedonia in order to build their capacity in working in team, building trust, leadership and decision making skills.
The workshop was implemented within the Youth Expression Project (YEP) by YAK in cooperation with Center for Balkan Cooperation (LOJA) and the Youth Educational Forum. Starting from examples of stereotypes and real life discrimination episodes, the participants learned techniques for conflict transformation, communication and mediation, that they can use in order to effectively and successfully work in a team.

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