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   Rural Youth: Let's awake the opportunities

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As partner in the project "Rural youth - let’s awake the opportunities", Youth Alliance organized three workshops in Krushevo, Krivogashtani and 
Obršani. The project is funded by the Regional Youth Cooperation office (RYCO).

Rural youth: Workshop in Krushevo

On 25th of January, a workshop within the project "Rural Youth" took place in Krushevo. Five young people participated in this event aimed at promoting the role of youth groups in the rural development.



       Rural youth: Workshop in Krivogashtani

On 2nd of February a workshop, as part of the project “Rural Youth - let's awake the opportunities”, took place in Krivogashtani. Five young people from YAK participated in the activities, discussing the needs of the rural youth and how they can tackle the issues actually present in their community, with the support of experienced activist Fani Angeleska.
The workshop was particularly aimed at empowering the youth, leading them to be relevant actors in a dialogue with the local authorities, in order to bring the needed change and meet the youth needs and demands.


Rural youth: Workshop in Obršani

On 9th of February, another “Rural Youth” workshop took place in Obršani. The five participants gathered with young people from the small village with the support of experienced and longtime activist Mila Najdenova. The workshop was especially focused on how the young people could act to stimulate the rural development. 


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