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   DIVE 3: Zero to One > 1 to N

General Info: 

“DIVE 3: Zero to One > 1 to N” is a capacity building project funded by the European Union under the Erasmus + program, Capacity building in the field of youth, implemented in a period of 12 months, including partners coming from North Macedonia, Romania, Peru, South Africa, Costa Rica, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Poland, Nicaragua and Greece. The third edition of the cycles of the “DIVE projects” (“DIVE 3: Zero to One > 1 to N”), about social entrepreneurship, that Youth Alliance – Krusevo implemented, after “Dive into Social entrepreneurship” and “Dive deeper into Social entrepreneurship”, represent a step forward by connecting the concept of social entrepreneurship with the “Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment, Zero Carbon Emissions” formula.


The kick off meeting (07.02.2019 – 10.02.2019, Skopje, North Macedonia)

The kick off meeting was host by Youth Alliance-Krusevo, in Skopje. It provided to the representatives of participating organizations opportunity to start to plan the activities, to review the division of tasks and responsibilities among the partners, to discuss the process of coordination mobility and capacity building activities, to review financial mechanism of the project and to agree on ways of keeping project documentation. Example, with google drive, to set the deadlines for the calls for participants, to agree on principles ensuring transparency of the selection process and steps supporting participation of people with fewer opportunities in the activities and set guidelines for communication with media. New element was the mentoring process where experienced partner organizations are mentors of new involved project partners.   


Partnership Building Activity (28.03.2019 – 03.04.2019, Florina, Greece)

This Partnership Building Activity (PBA) was implemented in Florina. The partner from Greece, Association for Active Youth, was the hosting organization. During this activity, 25 representatives of the partner organizations from all 12 countries took participation and managed to develop together six new different project ideas. The key aim of the activity was strengthening the partnerships and developing new project applications. Therefore, during the activity, representatives of different sectors took part, and concrete products of the activity were new the project applications for local, national or international activities. Results of the Partnership Building Activity can be find in the summary report of the activity.     


Study Visit (13.05.2019 – 18.05.2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia)


The study visit that consisted of a series of visits, review and prepare meetings and social activities, took place between 13th and 18th of May, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with the participations of the representatives from the partners. The key aim was to explore the ecosystem of social entrepreneurship in the city, to learn from real life examples of fighting youth unemployment, to identify the obstacles that social entrepreneurs face. Participants from 12 partner organizations from Slovenia, Peru, Costa Rica, Italy, North Macedonia, Poland, South Africa, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Nicaragua had a chance to get insightful information about ins and outs of some of the distinguished social enterprises in Ljubljana. Supporting the development of cross-sectoral and cross-cultural collaboration between the different regions represented in the event, making new connections and chances to collaborate in the future. Moreover, the visits encouraged representatives of the organizations to share their both professional and personal experiences as well as diverse ideas on project teams.

Series of Public Raising Awareness Activities (01.02.2019 – 31.12.2019)  

Each partner had responsibility to organize series of activities in their community, with aim to discuss the issue of cross-sectoral cooperation, to be involved representatives of different sectors (youth, educational, labour etc.), to support exchanging perspectives on the role of cross-sectoral cooperation in social entrepreneurship, clarifying positions, addressing challenges. Each partner realized series of life streaming debates on social entrepreneurship, local workshops and round tables in their countries.

Job Shadowing Activities (01.06.2019-31.09.2019)

During the period of 4 months, different job shadowing activities took place in the following countries: Peru, Nicaragua, South Africa and Costa Rica.

The series of job shadowing activities gave the participants, representatives of different sectors, an opportunity to learn from real life practices in other countries.

The main goal of the job shadowing activities was for the young participants to learn from the local environment of social enterprises and improving the partnership in the consortium and building network for further cooperation.

Study Visit (05.08.2019 – 10.08.2019, Cape Town, South Africa)


Few people know that South Africa is a model of inspiration for social entrepreneurship in Europe. A complex study visit on social entrepreneurship took place in Cape Town, from 5th  to 10th of August. The study visit brought together representatives from 12 countries of the world such as North Macedonia, Romania, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru, Portugal, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland and South Africa. The activities of this project, which are particularly important for the European policies, offered a unique framework (through its good structuring) of the social, cultural and economic space of South Africa. In order to understand the importance of the phenomenon of social entrepreneurship, the study visit included over 15 specialized visits through social environments and various fields of activity such as.

The International Youth Conference “DIVE 3: Zero to One > 1 to N” (01.09.201904.09. 2019, Skopje, North Macedonia), Capacity Building Activity


The International Youth Conference “DIVE 3: Zero to One > 1 to N” represented the closing event of the project. The participants, representatives of different sectors from North Macedonia and the partner countries, discussed and shared their perspectives and ideas. The event provided space for exchanging good practices and networking.

The final product of the International Youth Conference were the policy recommendations for promotion of cross-sectoral cooperation in social entrepreneurship.

Evaluation Meeting, Capacity Building Activity (01.11.201903.11. 2019, Skopje, North Macedonia)

Aims of evaluation meeting were: to review and reflect on project activities; feedback on project activities given by participants, partners, audience of debates, visitors of info days etc.; to gather lessons learned; to collect information for final report of the project and to discuss possibility of future cooperation. 







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