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   Dance for your health, live your heart passion

The project “Dance for your health, live your heart passion” aims to increase the participation in sport activities through dance as a practical solution for preventing health problems and raising the sport performance. The project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The project is organized in partnership by Kasta Morrely Star Sport Club Association from Romania, Youth Alliance Krusevo from Republic of North Macedonia and Development Youth & Sports Association from Turkey. The project addresses as main theme the valuing of the sports benefits for the public health and it promotes education in and through sport with special focus on skills development. The project supports through all its activities the education for health, for dance athletes and among the population in general. Promoting concrete information about the benefits of sport and especially dancing on mental and physical health would even bring more motivation among citizens.
“Dance for your health, live your heart passion” project included transnational activities in the forms of coordination meetings (one preparation and one final meeting)  and three Specialty sport circuits (Romania, Republic of North Macedonia and Turkey) and activities at the level of national countries including five health and safety training for dance athletes in each participating country, three open sessions per participating country and one demonstrative final event per each participating country.

Specialty sport circuit in Republic of North Macedonia
Specialty sport circuit successfully included communication sessions on the project management; specialty session dedicated to exchanging methods, practices and techniques in tango, dance sport and zumba with the involvement of the dance trainers Mr.Aleksandar Mitrov – tango trainer from Skopje, North Macedonia, Ms.Corina Laptes - Kasta Morrely Star Sport Club from Romania, Ms. Ayşenur Kuzu from Development Youth and Sport Association, Turkey and Dimitar    Mishev - Sonrisa Dance Club.  The dance sessions took place at Dance Club Sonrisa where the dance trainers shared their expertise and techniques in dance to the dance athletes and developed dance choreographies on latino - cha cha, salsa, bachata and step Zumba. As an added value on the Specialty Sport Circuit was the National Competition on modern dances in Skopje, North Macedonia. The activity brought rhythm, dynamics, choreography, lots of energy and above all, passion for dance and increased awareness on the importance of sport activities for good health and social development. Finally, the  Specialty Sport Circuit brought to us open opportunities for networking and how we can collaborate in the future. 

National Activities in Republic of North Macedonia

 Health and safety training for dance athletes in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia approached the following topics: health care conditions, nutrition for athletes for performance and for leisure, how to prevent and cure body injuries, dance influence on mental health.

Dr. Evgenija Baneva–  Doctor of general medicine
Irina Georgieva – Nutritionist
Biljana Stojcheska, experienced trainer for Erasmus plus program
Dimitar Mishev, senior trainer at Sonrisa Dance Club
Sanja Mateeva, senior trainer at Sonrisa Dance Club

Three Info Sessions

Three info session were organized in the Central Park of Skopje were the participants were dancing salsa and reggaeton by inviting many of the encounters to join the activity.

The Final Demonstrative Event 
The Final Demonstrative Event was held in the place named „Happines” ensuring big and diverse public.  The event included dance performances and choreographies acquired during the project activities and  sport circuit trainings. During the awareness campaign we have promoted the benefits of sport for health on unique style by dancing. Furthermore on the event all trainers involved in the project had short speeches whereby they elaborated their experiences of the benefits from the project. aFinally, on the event certificates for participation were given to the young people involved in the project



 You can find more information about the project on the project website

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