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   Youth Friendly City

Youth Alliance - Krusevo initiated the project "Youth Friendly City, having in mind the needs and demands of the youth population in Macedonia with the financial support of the Program for Civic Participation of USAID Macedonia.

The main aim of the project “Youth Friendly City” is to develop competencies of the directly involved participants to effectively evaluate youth policies, services in their communities, to promote empowerment, participation and active involvement of young people and support creating youth friendly cities. The project focuses on developing skills of representatives of youth organizations and Local Youth Councils (youth leaders, workers, educators) to support creating youth friendly communities. It means communities open to young people and fully supporting their development and growth.

The key project objectives are:

 To train 30 participants on the process of evaluation of youth policies and services in relation of empowerment, participation and active involvement of young people;
To increase the quality of youth services and policies in 3 communities in Macedonia (Krusevo, Skopje and Strumica) mapped and evaluated during the project period;
To create and disseminate set of recommendations on the process of evaluation of youth services and policies;

The project envisages 3 packages of activities:

a) A training course in Krushevo for capacity building of youth NGOs and Local Youth Councils from Krushevo, Strumica and Center Municipality. Since the project is pilot we will involve 3 municipalities from different regions in Macedonia, with diverse demographics and socio-economic opportunities.
b) A community mapping based on the gained knowledge during the training that will involve 4 stages and each stage will be defined by answering several questions regarding the stage thematic and youth perception about it.
c) Organizing round tables for raising awareness and lobbying for development of institutional measures for supporting youth reforms and recognized youth policies. Firstly, the involved young people will develop lobbying and campaigns plans based on the gathered information and recommendations from the mapping process. Furthermore, roundtables with relevant institutions will be organized in order to discuss the current situation and gaps in the youth policies and services.

You can find more information about the project on the project fan page.

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