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   Youth Friendly City

"Youth Friendly City" is a project designed to provide young people with opportunities to evaluate friendliness of their city or municipality  towards the young people. This project enables connection  of the young people and decision makers at the local level, with the mediation of youth workers, for effective evaluation and monitoring of local youth policies and services in their communities, promotion of participation and active involvement of young people in local policy development and strategies, and support for the creation of youth-friendly cities.

The initiative started in 2017 with a pilot project and support from the USAID Citizen Participation Project which included the municipalities of Krushevo, Struga and Centar. You can find more about the activities implemented in the first phase of this initiative at our YouTube channel. The product that completed this phase is a video with detailed explanations of what a 100% youth friendly city means.

In 2019, the initiative continues to develop with the support of the US Embassy in North Macedonia, including the municipalities of Struga, Prilep, Karpos and Kratovo.

The main goal of the project “Youth Friendly City”is to develop the skills of young people, representatives of civil society organizations and local youth councils to effectively evaluate local youth policies and services in their communities, to promote encouragement, participation, active engagement and support in the process of creating youth friendly cities.

After mapping the involved municipalities, the conclusions and recommendations were presented to the relevant decision makers. Very soon you will have access to the conclusions and recommendations of English language.

You can find more information about the project on the project fan page.        



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