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   DIVE 3: Zero to One > 1 to N

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Dive 3 is a capacity building project funded by the EU under the Erasmus + programme, Capacity building in the field of youth, which will be implemented in period of 12 months and includes partners coming from North Macedonia, Romania, Peru, South Africa, Costa Rica, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Poland, Nicaragua, Greece. The main objectives of the third edition of the Dive projects, after “Dive into Social entrepreneurship” and “Dive deeper into Social entrepreneurship”, will represent a step forward by connecting the concept of social entrepreneurship with the “Zero Poverty, ZeroUnemployment, Zero Carbon Emissions” formula.


The kick off meeting for “DIVE 3: Zero to One > 1 to N” took place in Skopje from 7th to 10th of February. The meeting put the base for the activities to be implemented throughout the project and the representatives of the partner organizations came from three different continents to discuss and create strategy for the growth and development of Dive 3. 


The study visit  for ‘’DIVE 3: Zero to One> 1 to N’’took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 13th to 18th of May with the participations from Slovenia, Peru, Costa Rica, North Macedonia, Poland, South Africa, Portugal, Greece Bulgaria, Romania and Nicaragua. The aim of the event was to explore the ecosystem of social entrepreneurship in Ljubljana by having meetings with particular local entrepreneurships. In addition to the visits, participants representing their organizations had opportunities to share their Erasmus+ experiences and to contribute to each other with their organizational and professional background.


Moreover, DIVE 3: Zero to One> 1 to N will continue to promote the entrepreneurial spirit among the youth, expanding the concept
 to further embrace new perspectives of the social entrepreneurship field. 

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