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   Unemployment Among Young People in Republic of Macedonia

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Organizers: Fridrich Ebert Foundation, office Skopje in collaboration with Youth Alliance - Krusevo Institute for Sociological, Political and Juridical Research

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung office Skopje, in cooperation with Youth Alliance - Krusevo, were organized a conference on the topic “Unemployment among young people in Macedonia”, on 11.23.2016. The conference was held in Cinema Culture - Skopje. The need for discussion about this topic, “Unemployment among young people in Macedonia”, conducted by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, is that the world is facing a major crisis in terms of youth unemployment.

At the conference were presented the results of the study, which were presented by Ms. Nita Starova - Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, office Skopje and Mary Topuzovska Latkovich - Institute for Sociological, Political and Juridical Research that were part of the research team, and among the speakers was the first director of the training center for European integration and former vice-dean on Faculty of Economics - Mrs. Biljana Sekulovska Gaber, Peter Antevski from the Youth Educational Forum, Marina Pavlovska - MODUS center, Sofia Bogeva - representative of the Regional Centre for Social Innovation and professor Dragan Tevdovski - Faculty of Economics in Skopje - 

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