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This project revolves around young people who are invited not only to showcase a positive attitude around multi-cultural identities but to actively participate in future-making. Cultural cooperation and intercultural dialogue are fundamental to healthy, inclusive and sustainable societies - particularly when social contacts are limited to a computer screen and streaming entertainment. Our understanding of the region, and extensive experience within this field, in turn, informs our decision-making. The project will foster intercultural dialogue, using digital media as a platform for social change and connection. Together with our partners, we will create authentic, truthful and jovial learning experiences of culture, within the different countries in the Western Balkans. The project uses the hosting leadership methodology to create and shape inclusive communities, built on solidarity, embrace and always being shaped by the dynamic Western Balkan region. Youth KULT Zone is a series of focused and curated online talks to bring a community of change-makers together through food, music, dance, art and other cultural aspects of society. In essence, Youth KULT Zone encourages and enables youth to plan and implement activities promoting collaboration and sharing. The goal being to create common visions, through understanding different youth from diverse communities, and stepping out of the hard-wired mindsets and into global mindsets for sustainable peace in the region. 

Project partners: 

Youth Alliance – Krusevo (North Macedonia)

Young Professionals Network (Albania)

PS “MAYA” - Educational Center (BiH)

Center for Education and Training (Kosovo)

-Tim za Razvoj i Integracije (Serbia)

- Youth Cultural Centre (Montenegro)

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