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   Cultural Crossroads

General Info:

"Cultural Crossroads" was a bilateral training course held in Krusevo, North Macedonia that brought together in one place 40 motivated young people from North Macedonia and Albania.

Specific project objectives

  • To promote the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to support and link young people from Albania and North Macedonia interested in cultural diversity and traditional values;
  • To bring young people interested in virtual and intercultural dialogue from the two neighboring countries Albania and North Macedonia together;
  • To ensure frequent communication and exchanges in order to promote an intercultural dialogue and cooperation among young people in both countries;
  • To provide participating youth using tools and skills needed to become multipliers of the common values gained during the project activities;
  • To develop new modern approaches, resources and materials for mobilizing young people to take action and support intercultural dialogue as well as to promote cultural diversity as value (using knowledge, skills, attitudes to "develop cultural cooperation" through ICT);
  • To establish a network of young active leaders from North Macedonia and Albania in order to work on understanding cultural diversity, encouraging young people to discover differences and value them by seeing benefits not challenges.

Project activities 

I. I. Open call for entries on a creative contest on the topic of cultural crossroads during which young people were invited to write about the unique values of their own country and share them with the young people from the “other side of the border”, to present stories that genuinely depict their lifestyles, ways of thinking, values, manners, habits, and to present the most typical traditions shared by young people in the country.

II. The Training course “Cultural Crossroads” composing an experienced team of trainers on the topic of intercultural cooperation as well as effective use of ICT technologies and 20 motivated young people that have the potential to be future promoters of intercultural cooperation and understanding between the two communities. The training course was held in Krusevo, North Macedonia in May, 2014.

III. Development and promotion of online platform/Social media campaign on the topic of “United we Stand, Divided we Fail” in order to ensure its sustainability after the project has finished by providing space for online youth exchanges on intercultural dialogue and to achieve a quality follow up of the project.

You can find more information about the youth initiative “Cultural Crossroads” official project web site.

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