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   Ground Up: Social Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Boost For Resilient Cities”

After 3 implemented Key Actions 2 programs, we are fully speed continuing with the fourth Erasmus + Key Action 2 “GROUND UP: SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURIAL ECOSYSTEM BOOST FOR RESILIENT CITIES”.

The project is supported by the Erasmus + program, focuses on development of place-based methodologies enabling youth organizations and other actors to build ecosystems that boost social entrepreneurial activity. It  includes 11 organizations representing North Macedonia, Costa Rica, South Africa, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Austria, Denmark, Ecuador, Serbia and Peru.

“GROUND UP: Social Enterpreneurial Ecosystem Boost for Resilient Cities” addresses these needs by developing a mapping methodology for social entrepreneurial activity in the field of youth contextualized to cities and local communities.

Within the projects the youth organizations will be able to:

          - identify challenges and obstacles that inhibit supportive environments;

          - strengthen social entrepreneurial ecosystems from the ground up, enabling cities to identify smarter paths of empowering young people;

          - identify transferable good practices from initiatives, projects with high social and environmental impact;

          - understand the needs, motivations of stakeholders involved in developing social entrepreneurial ecosystems;

          - create a unified evidence-based framework indicating elements critical to success locally.


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