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   Contacts for the common future

General Info

A group of young leaders from Republic of North Macedonia and Greece in 2010, in cooperation based on previous mutual personal contacts, initiated the bilateral project “Contacts for the Common Future”.

Keeping track of the situation and preliminary interest for cooperation between the progressive youth from both sides of the border is a meaningful contribution, and in the spirit of development of friendly relations, will be strengthening of solid and stable structures for cooperation between the civil society of the two neighboring countries for the purpose of EU and Euro-Atlantic integration of SEE. Positive energy, spirit and willingness of young people have opened the path to the cooperation and dialogue, in the light of building good neighboring relations.

Project objectives

  • To introduce/explore the possibilities for cooperation between civil society, particularly between youth population of the two neighboring countries Macedonia and Greece;
  • To explore the wealth of the neighbor (regions, youth work realities, good practices for cooperation of the business sector, local communities and civil society sector);
  • To create strong interpersonal relations between the participants, establish good contacts with local communities, business sectors and civil society and organize actual visible actions that would contribute to trust building and overcoming prejudges and stereotypes;
  • To support participants to identify and develop concrete bilateral and/or cross-regional projects in the direction of Euro-Atlantic integration of SEE;
  • To motivate the participants to establish sustainable partnerships through exploring and learning about the possibilities for cooperation (cooperation between the civil societies from the neighboring countries and between civil society and other sectors in society in both countries);
  • To make it possible for young people to take an active part in society, to encourage young people to make an active contribution to the building of friendly relations, and to strengthen their sense of tolerance and respect;
  • To promote mutual and regional benefits derived from efficient cross-border cooperation by evaluation/research of project results.

You can find more information about the youth initiative “Contacts for the Common Future” on the official project web site.

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