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   Youth PURPOSE: Preparedness of YoUngsters, ResPonse, RecOvery, Solidarity, and VoluntEering in Times

Through the project Youth PURPOSE: Preparedness of YoUngsters, ResPonse, RecOvery, Solidarity, and VoluntEering in Times of Crises, we support a creation of an ecosystem based on solidarity and volunteering for management of disasters and hazards, thus, strengthening the resilience of the youth and the communities. Strengthening youth resilience will be achieved by building the capacities of youth and youth organizations for: education and empowerment on disaster prevention, preparedness, response and recovery; usage of digital tools and new technologies for disaster management; youth volunteering and volunteer management and relief efforts; as well as supporting know-how exchange and skills sharing. Providing education and training of youth and youth workers on the topic through developing appropriate non-formal educational curriculum on volunteer management in times of crisis, we would strengthen the quality of youth work and inspire active citizenship among youth.

PURPOSE goes in line with the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development (SG 11 & 13), UN Youth Strategy (strategic priority in resilience building), the EU Youth Strategy (Connect & Empower) prioritizing to “Encourage young people to become active citizens, agents of solidarity and positive change of communities”, as well as the CoE youth sector strategy 2030, with thematic focus on youth work development.

One of the aims behind Youth PURPOSE is to support building a culture based on solidarity and cooperation as key European values. Solidarity is in the very core of the project, by enhancing the capacities of youth for volunteering and education on disaster management, youngsters gain valuable knowledge and skills to know to act in times of crisis, to support their peers and to assist their communities. Volunteering as a tool transforms youth in active citizens and change-makers in their communities.

The project is led by Ana and Divac Foundation in partnership with Youth Alliance Krusevo, The European Research Institute (ERI), Young Africa (Namibia) Trust, The Young Men’s Christian Association of Ethiopia, Youth Employment and Society Development Social Enterprise (YESD) Vietnam, 2030 Prapta Nusa Organization (2030 Youth Force Indonesia). 

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