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   Road of Social Enterprises

The project “Road Map of Social Enterprises” focuses on capacity building project in the field of youth organizations and other actors to develop a durable, tool, a MAP, website and application for networking, knowledge exchange about social entrepreneurship with concrete examples of social enterprises and tools supporting cross-sectorial cooperation. The goals of this project are:

  • To develop the capacities of CSOs for using digital tools in the field of social entrepreneurship.
  • To create a map as an educational tool with the aim to increase the knowledge of young people on social entrepreneurship and to raise their entrepreneurial mindset.
  • To communicate the possibilities of digitalization on the social entrepreneurship development.
  • Eventually for the MAP to become a tool of networking enabling representatives of the various sectors to contact each other and to work together in the framework of social entrepreneurship and addressing youth unemployment.

The project will include series of capacity building and mobility activities designed with aim to reach following objectives:

  • To enhance capacities of 8 youth organizations to use digital tools to support engagement of young people and interaction between representatives of different sectors with the goal
  • To improve the social entrepreneurial environment in participating countries by developing new tool, a MAP, enabling interaction between the representatives of different sectors, supporting learning of young people, their active engagement and entrepreneurial mindset
  • To support cooperation between Programme and Partner countries representing the Western Balkan, exchanging lessons learned and setting base for future cooperation in the framework of social entrepreneurship and addressing youth unemployment
  • The expected results of the project is potential impact on the participants, participating organizations, actors outside of the consortium.

The main beneficiaries of the outputs, results, and activities are young people, young people with fewer opportunities, youth worker organizations, educational institutions, and representatives from public and private labour markets. The key output, a MAP, will impact the social entrepreneurial and youth sectors within the participating countries, as well be a showcase for other countries to implement digital tools to co-produce digital outputs and co-create solutions to a common cause in the areas of social entrepreneurship and youth unemployment.

Participants directly involved in the mobility activities will gain direct experience of working in a diverse cultural context through the project activities and co-shared digital learning environment created throughout the project. They will build their competencies in the field of social entrepreneurship, using digital tools. Participants will gain knowledge and awareness around key issues facing youth around employability, they will understand the key entrepreneurial competencies that are necessary to enter and to participate in the labour market as employers, employees, or partners. Young people, young people with fewer opportunities will become empowered, engaged and inspired by their peers and social entrepreneurial stories. They will become equipped with information on the opportunities in the fields of social entrepreneurship, development of employability competencies, and international youth field. Youth workers, leaders, staff of the organizations will become more capable of responding to the needs and interests of their target groups, communities, designing and implementing quality youth activities, increasing the entrepreneurial spirit of young people, promoting social entrepreneurship, and contributing to creating a supportive social entrepreneurial environment.

The map could be accessed on the following link

The project was implemented by Youth Alliance - Krusevo in partnership with IDEA [Bulgaria], Coalition for Solidarity Economy Development [Serbia], Enterprise Development Agency [Bosnia and Herzegovina], Student Business Center [Montenegro], Youth for Social Changes [Albania], Balkan Green Foundation [Kosovo] and Association of Active Youths of Florina [Greece]. The project was co-financed by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Commission. 

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